Private Labeling

Outsourcing your condiment and sauce manufacturing gives you the opportunity to exercise increased control over pricing, marketing, distribution, profits and company image. Your own branded label generates a market identity that advertises your business. Your identity, combined with SAFCOL’s unique gourmet sauces, create a recipe for successful business growth and sales. Retailers, restaurants and businesses of varying size can rely on SAFCOL USA Inc. to provide superior private label services in our new, modern manufacturing facility. Our custom private label solutions include an impressive selection of premium recipes for tasty hot sauces and salsa. All products are produced in pack sizes appropriate for your food service or retail business and are palletized, ready for distribution.


Custom Formula Innovation

The process begins with a vision, to wow your customers with new flavor profiles. Whether you are looking to support and enhance the legacy of a popular brand, to create a new sauce or dressing for an original application, or to devise or expand an entirely new product category, our Experts can help you bring your vision to life.


The Highest Standards

In an industry where quality and cleanliness are crucial, SAFCOL USA Inc. is justifiably proud of its unblemished record of excellence. From the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of your individual sauce creations, quality is never compromised. This is only possible through our quality control programs, on-site experts in food safety and hygiene, and a management team that never forgets that quality is our most important product.


Plastic & Glass Bottle, Paper Label



Glass Bottle:   500g, 300g

Plastic Bottle:  500g, 300g



Vietnamese Sweet Chili Sauce, Vietnamese Garlic Chili Sauce, Vietnamese Garlic Fish Sauce, Sriracha Chili Ketchup, Green Chili Sauce, Thai Chili Sauce


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